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Are you an independent retailer who specializes in home appliances and consumer electronics? Why not supercharge your business by partnering with a network of industry experts and a community of experience? Joining IAC can help support your business and help it flourish with new opportunities, inventory solutions, upgraded revenue streams, and so much more!

Our Team


Board and executive level of experience & collaboration

Member Services

Knowledgeable & courteous member support


Procure and manage inventory on a brand level


Tactical to ensure the best possible price of goods


Trusted financing services for ease and affordability


Tools & guidance for strategic promotion

Information Technology

Innovative & Adaptive systems support


Inventory & logistics support

As a successful dealer-owned and operated buying organization for over 68 years, Intercounty strives to provide the product, merchandising, tools, and support to empower our dealers to grow and be successful in the marketplace. Banding together we can take advantage of economies of scale, such as volume discounts/wholesale pricing offered by brand manufacturers and other benefits, that would otherwise be available only to larger retailers. We focus our resources on meeting the needs of our members and offer guidance and support along the way.

Volume Discounts

  • Benefit from economies of scale model
    • Lower purchase pricing
  • Guaranteed volume rebates
    • Manufacturer rebates
    • NECO MVP consumer rebates

Pricing Advocacy

  • Access to $2.5B in buying power through NECO
  • Competitive pricing with industry monitoring
  • Margin enhancement programs & Buy-In opportunities
  • Financing & credit options

Warehousing & Logistics Solutions

  • Available inventory & access to order from over 130 brands. Let us help you warehouse!
  • Access to two warehouse locations with ordering flexibility: Total 516,000 Sq. Ft

When you join Intercounty, your store maintains its individual status and identity. The cooperative model compliments your business and is a means to realize business goals and effectively compete with the big-box appliance and electronic retailers. In the traditional “brick and mortar” environment, as well as an online eCommerce, store owners benefit greatly from the access and support offered by Intercounty Appliance Corporation. You also gain access to manufacturer & member rebates, a wide variety of prevalent brands, warehousing solutions, financing options, marketing & advertising programming, product education, and experienced guidance. With our resources, Intercounty works to deliver the largest return on your investment (ROI)!

Innovative Technology

  • Real-time inventory technology & POS systems connecting your website and the warehouses

Comprehensive Marketing Programs

  • Cultivated advertising programs and guidance to strategically promote your business

Educated Guidance & Communication

  • Plan to Sell strategies
  • Weekly Informational Newsletters
  • Networking opportunities at major trade shows

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